Strengthening the Discourse on Economic Policy to Generate
Good and Better Jobs in India

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About GrowJobs

CUTS International in collaboration with Ford Foundation has launched a study to ‘strengthen the discourse on economic policy that generates ‘Good and Better Jobs’ in India’ and make her growth job-intensive. The project would be implemented from October, 2018 for a period of over three years.

Employment generation in India is one of the biggest challenges in India, the objective is not just creation of jobs, but also ensuring that the jobs that are created are ‘Good and Better jobs’ in order to reduce inequality among sections of society. ‘Good and Better jobs’ imply higher and rising productivity and entail necessary support, safety, security and incentives for the workers to grow and perform better and hence mitigate social inequalities.
This would require a sustained discourse for creating an enabling environment which can accommodate such a large work force and create conditions for ‘good and better jobs’ in the economy.



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