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CUTS Competition, Regulation and
Development Research Forum (CDRF)

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C-CIER has envisioned a long-term research programme on implementation issues concerning competition and regulatory regimes in the developing world, with a strategy to motivate researchers to undertake such studies and participate in the accompanying symposia.

The project will be implemented through biennial research cycles comprising writing of research papers, biennial symposia and publication of a research volume. The scope of research would be problems that developing countries face in implementing their competition and regulatory regimes. Each research cycle will select some problem areas as its theme. Based on the findings, views and experiences of the first research cycle, further cycles will be organised on different themes.

The project is unique in its approach, as it would facilitate focused research on issues concerning developing countries, which is currently absent, with an agenda of building research capacity in these countries. This would ensure identification of solutions relevant to developing countries.

The first research cycle was held during 2005-07 on the theme “Institutional Issues in Implementing Competition and Regulatory Regimes in Developing World”.