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India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. Hectic efforts are being put by Central and State Governments to accelerate economic growth. At the same time it is also recognized that growth has to be inclusive and sustainable.

Energy is the engine of growth for any economy, much the same for India. India’s energy consumption has witnessed a significant increase in the recent past due to increasing population and the corresponding increase in economic activities. This combined with the recent boost given to the manufacturing sector will continue to lay pressure on the existing energy sources that are available in limited quantities within the country. Therefore, sustainable path to growth must encompass sustainable, cleaner and efficient provision of energy. This necessitates an enabling policy framework, its proper implementation and favorable response from various sectors of the economy and civil society. In other words, it requires an inclusive and collective decision making and a common stake of society at large.

The inclusive nature of the process would take into account concerns of all affected sections and would provide good measure of legitimacy to the outcomes. To serve this purpose, the Grow-GET project will create seed communities comprising relevant stakeholders in the states of Rajasthan and West Bengal and subsequently at a national level with an aim to work to move towards a more sustainable, green and clean growth.