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Deadline:30 April, 2017


Welcome to Biennial !

CUTS and CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition is organising an International Conference 5th Biennial Competition, Regulation and Development conference on 09-11 November, 2017 in Jaipur, India. Through the 5th edition, this international conference enters its 10th year and as always, it promises to bring together a unique set of expert stakeholders from across the globe. There is a broad consensus that innovation is central to the long-run performance of an economy. From this follows a need to strengthen the foundation of the innovation ecosystem in the developing world with an objective of achieving sustainable development. The CUTS-CIRC 5th Biennial Conference aims to discuss the role of regulation and competition in creating the appropriate incentives for fostering innovation for sustainable development.

About CUTS

Established in 1983, Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) has built up a formidable reputation as a leading research, advocacy and networking group engaged on issues of international trade and development, competition, investment, economic regulation, human development and consumer protection. It has five overseas centres: three in Africa, one in the Geneva and one in Vietnam with staff strength of over 100 persons.

About CIRC

Regulatory reforms are gaining pace in the developing world, with an increasing number of countries enacting competition and sectoral regulatory laws. For example, the Indian Competition Act, 2002 and miscellaneous sector regulatory laws covering electricity, fuel, ports, airports, telecom & broadcasting, established a completely new set of rules unfamiliar to most companies doing business in India and to the regulatory staff themselves and stakeholders.

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